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Ambulance Service

In case of injuries requiring immediate medical attention:

We treat the following injuries at our emergency department:

  • limb injury
  • sports injury
  • household accident
  • sprain
  • fracture
  • bruise
  • wrick

We are waiting for accurate diagnosis with CT, MR, X-ray or ultrasound imaging diagnostics.

The focus is on the rapid, efficient organization of therapy, with surgical intervention if necessary. Learn more

For non-acute injuries:

For issues concerning older injuries, we can help you:

  • conservative treatment (preparation and follow-up of a therapeutic plan)
  • wound care, dressing, modern fixations
  • plastering
  • preparing a second opinion on surgeries that have already taken place
  • surgical consultation
  • in the framework of rehabilitation (physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy treatments) Details.

We offer specialist examinations as well as therapeutic gymnastics and physiotherapy treatments throughout the year.

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