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Information on surgery and on how to prepare for surgery

Food and drink

Do not eat anything within six hours of your surgery. Do not drink anything within two hours before before surgery. You are allowed to start drinking fluids about 15-30 minutes after waking up following the surgery, and once a further half an hour has passed, you can eat something.


The specialist doctor who performed the surgery and the anaesthesiologist will talk to you about taking your regular medication. Certain of your usual medicines you should continue to take in the usual way, regardless of the operation, and you should do so even on the morning of the operation, unless your anaesthesiologist or surgeon tells you otherwise. There are other medications, however, that you should stop taking, or substitute for some other drug, before the surgery; our staff will give you precise instructions about this.
It is very important to stick precisely to the prescribed preoperative medication changes. If you have uncertainties concerning any of the medicines you take, please talk to your primary care physician or your anaesthesiologist.
When leaving our centre, each of our patients receives the painkillers needed for that day plus a prescription for their postoperative medication.

Preparing for your surgery

Before your surgery, it is worth visiting one of our physiotherapists for a one-off consultation, because they can help you prepare for the surgery by teaching you different breathing techniques. These exercises can reduce surgical complications related to breathing and strengthen your respiratory muscles.

Surgeries performed at our centre

We offer specialist examinations as well as therapeutic gymnastics and physiotherapy treatments throughout the year.

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