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Therapeutic gymnastics at our centre

The purpose of therapeutic, or remedial, gymnastics is to prevent or cure musculoskeletal disorders by means of physical training. This therapy uses special gymnastic exercises to improve blood circulation and joint functions and to strengthen muscles, so that you can quickly and effectively regain your mobility, thereby preventing the development of more serious diseases in the future. Through therapeutic gymnastics:

  • pain can be reduced
  • range of motion can be increased
  • muscles can be strengthened
  • muscle relaxation can be promoted
  • movement coordination can be improved

Who do we recommend therapeutic gymnastics to?

It can be used to correct bad posture in young children and adolescents, as well as to treat flat feet, knee and hip pain, or sports injuries. It is especially recommended for adults suffering from lower back pain, herniated disc, joint pain, and for pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Before a major surgery, it is worth booking an appointment for consultation with one of our physiotherapists, during which they will help you prepare for the surgery by teaching you different breathing techniques.

Physiotherapy at our centre

Physiotherapy uses various natural energies and is an effective supplementary therapy to cure, maintain or improve various musculoskeletal conditions.
In what cases do we recommend physiotherapy?

  • pain relief
  • inflammation reduction
  • tissue loosening
  • restoring the condition of muscles and stimulating paralysed muscles

The various forms of treatment can be perfectly combined with each other, as well as with therapeutic gymnastics and/or manual tissue loosening and massage, thus promoting speedy healing. Physiotherapy is advised as a course of treatment (usually at least 10 sessions).

We offer specialist examinations as well as therapeutic gymnastics and physiotherapy treatments throughout the year.

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